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Tribal Pow-wow image The TRIBAL POW-WOW is a meeting of minds (online and in the community) to discuss the state of alternative culture and where it's headed, as well as it's response to the rapidly militant, right-wing world around it. YOU are invited to come speak from the heart and join with other elders and participants in the counter-culture on matters that are affecting us in this ongoing series of community building conferences.The Tribal POW-WOW is an exercise in “group-mind” and non-hierarchical community discussion. It hopes to raise issues and stimulate ideas and connect people together, as well as provide resources and support for communities exploring alternative modes of living.
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Cognition Factor- 100th Monkey experiment Special Effects Teaser

Cognition Factor explores the outer limits of consciousness through the eyes of a cyberpunk seeking answers to the same Big 5 questions that puzzle everyone.

As you'll see and hear from the teaser, this film is unlike anything you've ever experienced before. Maybe this is because we've broken all the rules.

The interplay between our interviewees and the subject matter underscored by the top ambient masters seen through our awesome VR interface linked by a unique editing style make this a serious contender for the next cult classic.

Teaser underscore by Dr. Alex Paterson, Dom Beken, Fil Le Gonedic (The ORB), with Steve Hillage (System 7).

No garden gnomes were disturbed during the making of this teaser