99 monkeys can share an idea - but when the 100th monkey tunes in a critical consciousness is achieved that tips the scales for all . That critical mass for change depends on YOU! You could be the 100th monkey! (Ken Keyes Jnr, the 100th Monkey) The TRIBAL POW-WOW is a meeting of minds (online and in the community) to discuss the state of alternative culture and where it's headed, as well as it's response to the rapidly militant, right-wing world around it. The Tribal POW-WOW is an exercise in “group-mind” and non-hierarchical community discussion. It hopes to raise issues and stimulate ideas and connect people together, as well as provide resources and support for communities exploring alternative modes of living that can be published and accessed on this page. To read a transcript of the 2005 tribal pow-wow, held at the Opoeia Eco-Arts retreat click the ebooks section of Undergrowth. And to be part of the online community that nurtures the ideas and knowledge raised in the physical pow-wows, click on the 100th Monkey Forum . YOU could be the 100th Monkey!